The Dark Knight Rises: A Perfect Ending

I can’t remember the last time I waited for a movie with such anticipation as I did the Dark Knight Rises. Sure, I remember waiting anxiously for the Dark Knight when it came out four years ago, but something about the final movie in a trilogy that’s been done so brilliantly, really had my interest to piqued (to say the least).

There were so many aspects I worried about: its set eight years in the future? Anne Hathaway is Catwoman? How will anyone understand Tom Hardy in that Bane mask? After having seen the film twice on its opening weekend, I see now there was no reason to worry – with Christopher Nolan there almost never is. The movie was brilliant – dark complex, and enthralling. Look out for a few familiar faces too. Never before has a trilogy seemed so circular and complete to me.

Everyone is at their best.

Christian Bale is as emotionally and physically tormented Batman as he’s ever been before. His desperation to save his city only drives him further. As John Blake, Joseph Gordon Levitt brings a new, young cop’s perspective on Gotham’s dire situation wrapped in a determined, tough and likable character. But Anne Hathaway deserves serious recognition for this film. Never before has Selina Kyle been exciting and more interesting. She is morally ambiguous – continually straddling the lines between right and wrong, never quite sure where she falls. Anne Hathaway’s ability to change Selina’s body language and attitude on a dime prove true to her conning ways. While she also deserves credit for the physicality of the role (and that suit!) it’s the emotional, inner torment that makes her such a strong, complex and relatable character. Tom Hardy’s Bane is a much more reserved villain compared to Heath Ledger’s Joker.  But despite their differences in attitude and personality, they are equally cunning and delightful villains. Tom Hardy is excellent as Bane. Not only was his physical appearance remarkable (his arms are HUGE) but he conveys so much through his only means of facial expression -his eyes. It really is a testament to Hardy as an actor that he was able to do so much with a character we so little facial expression from.

Without giving away plot or story, I will simply say that you must go and see this movie. I even offer to babysit your kids so you can go – you won’t be sorry. I know I’ll see Dark Knight Rises again for a third time at least – before it leaves theatres, and I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw a movie in theatres that many times. Some people may have issues with the ending, but I didn’t – I thought it was strong, well done and quite a fitting end to Christopher Nolan’s outstanding trilogy.

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One thought on “The Dark Knight Rises: A Perfect Ending

  1. jscottu says:

    I’ve seen it 4 times and I am going again this week. I have been a batman fan since the late 50’s. I hated the ABC TV show. Wasn’t that thrilled by Tim Burton’s take. And I have a contract out on Joel Schumacher. Christopher Nolan is a god. Not THE god. Just a god.

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