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New Girl: Wrapping up Season Two, Will Nick & Jess Ever Move Forward?

Oh New Girl, I can’t believe we’re already approaching the end of season two! It’s nice to have a show to look forward to watching every week. Sometimes shows switch it up too much or lag in their second season. (Glee, I’m looking at you!)

But New Girl has kept it interesting season to say the least – obviously one of the highlights, as I’m sure was everyone’s – was the Nick/Jess late night kiss – how could you not love that? The best thing about it was you never saw it coming, or thought the show writers/creators wouldn’t go there – but they did (and it was hot)!

However, as the after-effect episodes have aired over the last few weeks, I’m starting to feel some ambivalence about the Nick/Jess situation – now let me tell you why.

After the initial kiss, there was the awkwardness and both of them were trying to deal with how they felt, the writer’s didn’t try to rush anything along, which was much appreciated.  Jess obviously felt strongly about the kiss, enough that she told Sam the truth, resulting in their break up. Things between Nick and Jess laid low for a while, bubbling up again at the perfect time – dealing with the new issue of jealously.

When Jess met the new manager or Nick’s bar (who he slept with), her obvious jealousy allowed Nick to see there might between them than he first thought.  He promptly broke things off with his manager and hurried home to Jess – it all seemed to be coming together, until they broke the fish tank.

Then there was the funeral for Nick’s father – an episode that was especially odd. The roommates, especially Jess, were doing their best to show their support to their friend. But the Elvis which found Zooey Deschanel dressed as Elvis – was for some reason especially off-putting, it was just too over the top. But I did really like the fact that Nick is consistently depth and responsibility, while still able to hold on to his true Nick Miller curmudgeonly ways. He’s really growing as a character and I can’t get enough of Jake Johnson’s portrayal of him.

With last week’s episode, “First Date” I had some hope – Nick and Jess were going to actually move (at least in some small way) forward! They were going to have a date! Well …kind of. This episode was just a mess for me. I loved when Nick was talking to his park bench confidante Tran, and was deciding his feelings/what he would say to Jess. It was so sweet! I know Nick Miller is known for the flubs and mixing his words, but I had really hoped we’d see him express some earnest feelings to her as a result of that conversation.

Then he got all dolled up with Schmidt and Winston’s help (and Winston’s car) – only to then deny it even WAS a date to Jess, why not just say YES! There was also the return of Dermot Mulroney as ‘fancy man’ Russell, which prompted Nick to refer to him as ‘the only man we both loved’ which was hilarious – clearly the man crush lives on. But aside from that, I didn’t really understand the point of Russell being there. Towards the end it looked like Russell’s purpose was to have the two roommates confront what they were to each other by having them write it down – but we were foiled again, never having found out what either one of them had written and back at the apartment the sexual tension remains! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the tension, the buildup, wondering where things with them will go and how it will change life in the apartment – but I find all of these false starts getting on my nerves. Some progress is better than none, isn’t it?

On the flip side, while Nick and Jess are pre-occupied with one another, I’m loving the Schmidt/Winston storylines! From Schmidt’s fear of dead bodies to their mishap with ‘outside Dave’ last week, I found myself wanting to watch their storyline more than the date. Also, Winston’s flashback to his worst date ever with the homeless man singing ‘Father Figure’ caught me so off guard, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud.

It’s nice for Schmidt to have found a new level camaraderie with Winston, who’s trying to be there for Schmidt while he deals with the tough reality of Cece’s engagement (does anyone believe that wedding will actually happen by the way?) What do you think Schmidt has planned to stop the wedding?  You know that guy won’t go down without a fight! All in all a strong and highly entertaining season two thus far. With only a few episodes left, what would you like to see happen?

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