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Why I love Adele (& so should you)

About a year ago, I was looking for new music and stumbled across Adele so I download her albums 19 and 21 (the age she was when she wrote each one). Amazing. Mind blown, socks rocked, ridiculously good.

Adele is a 23 year old woman from England who writes from the heart about the happiness and the sadness of her relationships in a way that is both relatible and so beautiful. There are songs of regret – Someone Like You, there are songs of empowerment and being better off – Rolling in the Deep. Upbeat and powerful, or stripped down and acoustic, Adele can sing it all with an intense beauty that moves you. Her music shows us all it’s OK to love intensely, to be hurt but to pick ourselves back up and keep trying.

I was extremely fortunate to see her in concert in May of this year from the second row (I still don’t know how I managed to score such good seats). I was so moved by the power and the strength of her voice, it was hands down the best concert I’ve ever been to. She is extremely genuine, she commented how she still gets nervous and stage fright and how she prefers more intimate venues. She was bubbly, sweet and joked around.

Since I downloaded her albums (she’s written two albums by 23 – how intimidating is that?) they’ve never left my car, iPod, iTunes. I could (and have) listened to her all day, every day.

I am so happy for her success because she is so obviously talented, but also I’m hopeful there are still some positive role models for girls/women in this world. Adele isn’t stickily thin, or on reality television, or full of scandals. She is a normal sized, beautiful woman with a magical voice, doing what she loves and showing the world that with hard work and determination it is possible. Frankly, I think women everywhere could use a few more positive influences like Adele.

Watch Adele live here: