Weighed Down by Weight


I put a weird pressure on myself in regards to my weight. I’m not sure where it comes from. I was overweight all through my teens, so probably because of that. Those formative years! I go to the gym 4 days a week and do hot yoga on Sunday’s. If something happens that messes with that routine I get frustrated. If I miss a day (which I haven’t in a long time) I feel like I’ve failed in some way.

I’ve done Weight Watchers a few times and it works, but it can take a while. I grew up eating a lot of junk food with less and less physical activity as I got older. It wasn’t until my mid-20’s when I had some success with weight loss. I lost 45lbs and was SO happy. But after a few years the pounds started to creep on again. I went back on Weight Watchers, lost it all again and promptly got pregnant. After I had my daughter, I lost the 40lbs I’d gained and again, was pleased. It took about a year and a half so I was really pleased. This brings us to last fall, I had put 15 lbs back on. Annoying as fuck. I resumed Weight Watchers and a more vigorous gym schedule.

But after 5 months I’ve only lost 8lbs. I’ve hit a plateau I can’t get out of. I don’t measure inches lost only pounds, maybe that’s the problem. I do feel like I’ve been gaining some muscle and I can see it in certain places. But I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid to stop weighing every week and gain more weight, but alternatively, do I travel my weight forever? I weigh myself often, and I try not to do it in front of my daughter. I think about how to approach the subject of weight when she’s older. I want her to be happy and healthy, and I hope with two physically active parents she’ll want to be active and/or involved in sports as well. I just want her to be happy.

I try to ask myself what, at this point in time, would make me happy with my body and I don’t know. I’m active and reasonably healthy. Is that the benchmark? How much food do I want to cut to lose the last 7 pounds and quite possibly feel miserable? Do I judge based on how my pants fit? The weight has been taking longer to lose and I’ve been gaining much faster as I age. I can’t seem to kick these last few pounds, but I admit I haven’t been trying as hard as I’ve previously done. Since Weight Watchers changed their program back in December I don’t feel as invested in it as I once did. But, it’s the only program I’ve ever done and it’s worked for me numerous times. But do I keep weight watching for the rest of my life? I don’t know how to leave behind a program and not gain weight. I’m stuck in a weird holding pattern but I’m not sure how to move forward. I just know that if I get on the scale and the number has gone up I feel awful. Maybe I’ll embrace the weight when I’m 80. 🙂


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The State of the World

I’ve been feeling kind of bummed out lately. I don’t know if it’s the dreary January/February stretch and don’t get me wrong, I was happy as a clam at the plus temperatures yesterday – but I think it’s more than that. Maybe I’m just focusing on the negative too much, but does the world seem…worse lately?

There are some crazy things happening that I can’t believe are real. Donald Trump is running for President. Like actually the President. No matter how many times I read that, I can’t wrap my mind around it. I’m probably the least political person you’ll ever meet, but what’s upsetting is the lack of consideration for basic human life these days. From people like Trump who are promoting their brand of intolerance. Seriously, why can’t people have whatever religious affiliation they want? Or love who they want? It’s 2016 people. Live in the now! Life is way too short to be spending it hiding or pretending, there’s no time to be anyone except exactly who you are. Why can’t we just accept people as they are?

Then there’s the greed. So much inconceivable greed. A perfect example, what’s happening in Flint Michigan right now. How is it possible that in the richest country in the WORLD that ANYONE could not have access to clean drinking water? Yes, people are doing these things for the rich to get richer and the poor poorer – but how do these people (I’m looking at you, Mayor of Flint) sleep at night? How could you sacrifice the health and lives of others, just for a few extra bucks?

Maybe I’m naive, maybe I don’t understand things properly or maybe I simply don’t care about money so much that I’m willing to do immoral, horrible things to get it. But I just keep wondering what’s going to become of the world. I feel scared. I worry about what the future will be like for my daughter, and any other potential kids. What kind of world are we leaving them? And what can we do about it?

The Great Child Conundrum

Everyone I know is having babies right now. A lot of them are having their second child, it seems we’ve hit that age where it’s time for baby #2. But here’s the thing, I’m not ready. Maybe I should be and maybe there’s something wrong with me that I don’t immediately want to chase another person around the house right now, but I don’t. And not to say anything against those that do, because I think it’s great and I admire their courage – I often wonder why I’m not more like them. My best friend once asked me why I wanted to have kids (before I had the one I have now) and I couldn’t provide a definitive answer. It wasn’t because “everyone else was doing it” and with my first, I wasn’t worried about the time line because I hadn’t yet turned 30 – so what was the rush? I guess the sappy answer is that I wanted to share the love I had with my husband and learn what it would be like to raise a child together.

Little did I know in my blissful ignorance how challenging it can be – and I’m not even a single parent ( I seriously do NOT know how those guys do it. I think about that all the time). My husband is a great father and an extremely supportive partner, but even still having a child is hard. Tantrums and tears, sleepless nights that you have to drag yourself out of bed the next day and attempt to function like a normal human all day at work, come home and take care of them all over again. But that said, there’s obviously good stuff too. Love and hugs and seeing my daughter running and laughing, the joy on her face when she learns to do something new, all of those moment are amazing.

Lately a lot of people have been asking me when I’m going to have another child. Not even if, when. With statements like “you don’t want them to be a lonely child, do you?” I’d never even heard that term before. I don’t know why it matters so much to other people whether I have another baby or not, I mean hey, we make super cute kids and all – but there’s so much more to consider. I know it’s not even remotely the same, every day my dog looks at me with sad eyes that riddle me with guilt. I don’t have the time to cuddle with her as I used to, so how could I possibly split my time again and fairly to another baby?

I know people do it all the time, and you find a way because you have to, etc but to me, having another baby at this point in time seems unimaginable. There’s also the financial aspect, I often feel like we hardly have enough money to live (and I have new uncertainty in the job marker) and we only just stopped buying diapers thanks to our newly potty trained daughter. How could we have another child and be financially responsible to the family we have right now?

Also, selfishly, I think about free time. I have so little of it now, between birthday parties, play dates and visiting family. And with a 2:1 ratio, when one parent needs a break, the other can step in – but we’d be 1:1 with another kid. Then there’s there ‘close in age’ debate and having them be too far apart in age is considered a bad thing. I know it sounds like I don’t want another baby and why bother talking about it in the first place? But oddly enough, deep down – I think I do, someday. I guess it’s ok not to right now but as I get older, it will be time to decide soon. I’d love for my daughter to have a sibling to bond with, but I don’t want that to be the only reason to have another child. Sometimes it feels so hard to know what’s right.

Work in Progress

When I was a kid, I assumed as an adult you got a job and that was your job until retirement. The end. I guess it’s because that’s what my parents did, I think my mom changed jobs once and my Dad not at all in the last 32 years. I know this isn’t true of everyone, but it was the example I was used to. Now that I daresay I’m an adult as well, there’s more uncertainty in the work force than ever before. Hell, even Wal-Mart is closing stores and cutting jobs, I never thought that would happen.

But television/media in particular has faced many changes in recent years. Not only with the growing trend of streaming and the unyielding power of Netflix, everyone knows the media landscape keeps changing. Last week we found out that Shaw Media was bought out by Corus Entertainment. It’s not a secret, there’s a million articles online about it and it’s left me with such mixed feelings, I’m having trouble processing.

For about 5 years before I came to Shaw, I worked from contract to contract, it was so stressful not knowing if I was going to find anything long term/permanent, especially when I was buying a house, getting married, etc. But when I came to this company, I finally stopped worrying. The people were nice and welcoming and after a few months I gained in confidence, I began to feel at home. That feeling changed back in March when we went through a massive restructuring and my boss, who’d been with the company for 15 years was let go. To say I was shocked was an understatement. When I found out I went back to my desk and cried. I hadn’t even realized how strongly I felt about her or the company until it happened.

That was less than a year ago and things settled into a strange alternative new normal, admittedly there were some positive things about it. I’ve worked more closely with and gotten to know people better that I wouldn’t have otherwise. But the structure of the company wasn’t the same as it had been before and everyone knew it. It was palpable, you could feel it when you walked down the halls. So when we received news of the buyout last week I wasn’t totally surprised, it seemed unrealistic that we would continue to carry on the way we have been. But that said, the uncertainty is back. Everyone will have long months to wait to find out our fates.

I know in a way I’m lucky, I still have a job and potentially, I could still have one amidst this new structure. Not all people in media, especially lately, can say the same. And I also know that I could look for another job in a different industry and try a new approach. But to be totally honest, I don’t want to. I’m working in an industry I always wanted to with a lot of people I truly care about. Real friends, people that cared enough to think of me on each birthday and generously gave me gifts when I was pregnant with my daughter. I don’t like change, I’m realizing that more and more as I get older, but I also hate what I can’t control. There’s no list I can make, box I can check, extra hours I can work to change the situation and that’s incredibly frustrating.

I know change can be a good thing, maybe I’ll get to stay and have new opportunities I never imagined – maybe the new structure will be encouraging of their employees to move up within the company. Maybe.

Starting Again


It’s been 3 years since I’ve updated this personal blog, I can’t believe it. I had to search my brain for the username and password to see if it still existed. I was thinking about the start of a new year and while I’m not really one to make resolutions, I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like to be. I’ve been reading Jenny Lawson’s first book “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” and it reminded me that anyone can write, and while my stories might not be as colourful or as interesting as Jenny’s – I’d still like to try. I have a lot of excuses not to write: I work full time, I commute every day and I have a very sassy two year old daughter who keeps me running around. But writing has always been something I’ve tried to do for myself, so I’m going to try again.

When I was in the 6th grade we had to create bristol presentations of our dream jobs/what we wanted to be when we grew up. I remember very vividly the picture of the desk, chair, paper and pen I drew (apparently computer’s weren’t all the rage back then – this was pre-Internet people!) and my teacher asked me what I wanted to do if bring a writer didn’t work out (not very supportive of her, just saying). I didn’t have a clue. It didn’t even occur to me that I would have to do anything else. That’s the ignorant bliss of the 6th grade, you just kind of assume everything’s going to go your way.

Well, I’m not a famous writer. I’ve worked in television for the past 8 or so years. I’ve always been obsessed with television and movies, so I feel like I’ve done alright. I’ve even blogged for the Huffington Post Canada, Globaltv.com and Showcase.ca, which is still a pretty good thing. But still, I don’t consider myself a writer. It’s not my profession. I’ve never been paid any money for anything I’ve written. For some reason I think being paid for my writing would give me a sense of validation I’ve sought after for years.

But the other night I was laying with my daughter as she fell asleep and I wondered if it mattered. Maybe no one will read a single word of a single entry and that’s ok, it doesn’t matter. I don’t have to quantify it against anything if I enjoy doing it, right? So that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve dusted off this blog and I’m going to attempt to write a few entries a week for the rest of the year. Wish me luck!

New Girl: Wrapping up Season Two, Will Nick & Jess Ever Move Forward?

Oh New Girl, I can’t believe we’re already approaching the end of season two! It’s nice to have a show to look forward to watching every week. Sometimes shows switch it up too much or lag in their second season. (Glee, I’m looking at you!)

But New Girl has kept it interesting season to say the least – obviously one of the highlights, as I’m sure was everyone’s – was the Nick/Jess late night kiss – how could you not love that? The best thing about it was you never saw it coming, or thought the show writers/creators wouldn’t go there – but they did (and it was hot)!

However, as the after-effect episodes have aired over the last few weeks, I’m starting to feel some ambivalence about the Nick/Jess situation – now let me tell you why.

After the initial kiss, there was the awkwardness and both of them were trying to deal with how they felt, the writer’s didn’t try to rush anything along, which was much appreciated.  Jess obviously felt strongly about the kiss, enough that she told Sam the truth, resulting in their break up. Things between Nick and Jess laid low for a while, bubbling up again at the perfect time – dealing with the new issue of jealously.

When Jess met the new manager or Nick’s bar (who he slept with), her obvious jealousy allowed Nick to see there might between them than he first thought.  He promptly broke things off with his manager and hurried home to Jess – it all seemed to be coming together, until they broke the fish tank.

Then there was the funeral for Nick’s father – an episode that was especially odd. The roommates, especially Jess, were doing their best to show their support to their friend. But the Elvis which found Zooey Deschanel dressed as Elvis – was for some reason especially off-putting, it was just too over the top. But I did really like the fact that Nick is consistently depth and responsibility, while still able to hold on to his true Nick Miller curmudgeonly ways. He’s really growing as a character and I can’t get enough of Jake Johnson’s portrayal of him.

With last week’s episode, “First Date” I had some hope – Nick and Jess were going to actually move (at least in some small way) forward! They were going to have a date! Well …kind of. This episode was just a mess for me. I loved when Nick was talking to his park bench confidante Tran, and was deciding his feelings/what he would say to Jess. It was so sweet! I know Nick Miller is known for the flubs and mixing his words, but I had really hoped we’d see him express some earnest feelings to her as a result of that conversation.

Then he got all dolled up with Schmidt and Winston’s help (and Winston’s car) – only to then deny it even WAS a date to Jess, why not just say YES! There was also the return of Dermot Mulroney as ‘fancy man’ Russell, which prompted Nick to refer to him as ‘the only man we both loved’ which was hilarious – clearly the man crush lives on. But aside from that, I didn’t really understand the point of Russell being there. Towards the end it looked like Russell’s purpose was to have the two roommates confront what they were to each other by having them write it down – but we were foiled again, never having found out what either one of them had written and back at the apartment the sexual tension remains! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the tension, the buildup, wondering where things with them will go and how it will change life in the apartment – but I find all of these false starts getting on my nerves. Some progress is better than none, isn’t it?

On the flip side, while Nick and Jess are pre-occupied with one another, I’m loving the Schmidt/Winston storylines! From Schmidt’s fear of dead bodies to their mishap with ‘outside Dave’ last week, I found myself wanting to watch their storyline more than the date. Also, Winston’s flashback to his worst date ever with the homeless man singing ‘Father Figure’ caught me so off guard, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud.

It’s nice for Schmidt to have found a new level camaraderie with Winston, who’s trying to be there for Schmidt while he deals with the tough reality of Cece’s engagement (does anyone believe that wedding will actually happen by the way?) What do you think Schmidt has planned to stop the wedding?  You know that guy won’t go down without a fight! All in all a strong and highly entertaining season two thus far. With only a few episodes left, what would you like to see happen?

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My Fall Mid-Season Report Card

Now that we’re well into the Fall television season, I’ve been thinking about my shows both old and new – what I’m loving about them and what I hate. Mid way through the season it seems as good a time as any to comment on how they are doing – from this opinionated person’s perspective anyway.

Old (aka Returning)

Once Upon A Time – This show has its ups and downs. I was glad they didn’t drag out the curse and no one knowing anything/thinking Henry’s crazy for too long, because it became frustrating to watch at times. I wasn’t sure what direction they were going in giving people their memories back but only inside the town limits and I’m pretty annoyed by Emma for the most part this season. But, I’m loving Rumplestilskin and his story as always, last night’s episode with Captain Hook and the alliance between him and Regina’s evil mother Cora really intrigued me. This is one new character casting I can get behind. I haven’t been that thrilled with some of the others like, Mulan and I hear they want to do a spin on the Little Mermaid (really?) – but you have to take the good with the bad with this show.

Glee – I’m very close to quitting this show, though I feel it’s been that way for a long time.  keep holding on to the naïve hope that eventually this show will return to the honest, vulnerable place it held for the underdogs in season one. But honestly, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. With Rachel in New York my interest has been slightly renewed but I could care less about what’s happening in McKinley. I also keep hoping that Ryan Murphy etc are going to finally give Brittany have a brain and some legitimate thoughts/opinions but that doesn’t seem to be happening either. At first, I thought her comments were witty and fun like everyone else. But you have to admit in season four, it’s getting old. Time to try a new tact and stop making her do ridiculous things like create her own language and writing with crayons, it just comes off as ridiculous. I’m not sure why I watch anymore, maybe to see all of the random guest stars traipse around and pretend to sing? Ohh and for brief glimpses of Jesse St. James.

New Girl – We haven’t seen that many episodes so far but I just love this show. I love Jess and I love all the guys, they all bring something unique to the cast (especially Schmidt). The only real criticism would be how the writer’s handle Winston’s character. It feels like he’s left in the background a lot of the time, and his story is by far the least detailed or invested. I’m not even sure what’s happening with his relationship with Shelby, that last season they were both into and now it seems like she could care less about him. Also, his sudden job change at the radio station, when it felt like he was just starting to get his footing as an assistant. Although I admit it will be pretty interesting to watch a guy who is scared of the dark work night shift. I guess what I’m saying is, his story could benefit from a little more consistency. Also, Schmidt can do no wrong. Whatever he’s saying, whatever he’s doing no matter how ridiculous or stupid, I love it. Max Greenfield (formerly of Ugly Betty) commits to Schmidt and it works.

How I Met Your Mother – This show just makes me mad. I remember season one, how much I loved it – how I couldn’t wait to watch the story unfold of how things came to be with Ted and Lily and Marshall’s initial relationship struggles, real-ish people with real-ish problems. Now, eight years (give or take) later – we still don’t have any ‘mother’ answers (and I’m beginning to wonder if we ever will). And the show just keeps getting seasons added on so all we get to watch is filler (and maybe one touching episode or so  a season). These characters have become parodies of what they once were and I consider that a disservice to the show and the actors. They’ve let it go far too long and I don’t even take joy in watching anymore, I watch because I just want to know how the story ends (if ever). But I’ll tell you one thing, if it gets renews for a season 9 – I will not watch. I’m sure I’ll be one of the only ones, but I can take it anymore!

The New Guys

Go On – I don’t love this show as much as I was at the onset. I still enjoy it but it’s a little more ridiculous than it is funny, the characters of the therapy group need a basis a little more in reality rather than the whimsy. It needs to build on the touching,  heartfelt moments of the pilot: running after the Google car, Fausta winning the fake crown and keeping it at home, etc. – I know they are trying to get back to this place but sometimes I think the focus is too much on Ryan and not enough on the other characters. Plus, they are making Ryan too out there and larger than life, frankly at times I find it hard to believe his wife ever put up with him before she passed. I’m not ready to give up, but it certainly needs more heart.

Partners – I’ve been a fan of Michael Urie since the days of Ugly Betty (seriously that show had awesome casting) and a solid previous affection for the rest of the cast. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this best friend sit com, but I really do. Urie’s actions as Louis are a little over the top, but still based in reality and from a place of love. The jokes are straight up funny, I’ve laughed out loud – and can be dirty without being too crass. The show is light and fun, but you still care about the characters.

Elementary – This is probably my favourite new show of the season. Johnny Lee Miller commits to his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the same manner I would attribute to Hugh Laurie in House (although much more endearing). What I mean is, I don’t think of Johnny Lee Miller as acting like Holmes, I think of him AS Holmes. The cases have been complex, intricate and interesting so far – last week’s especially with the Balloon Man case. Did anyone else think we’ll see young Adam again one day? Even Lucy Liu’s level headed Watson as the polar opposite of Miller’s Holmes serves the show well. I look forward to delving more into the complicated personal lives of Holmes especially, but Watson as well. I’ll also be intrigued to see who is cast as Sherlock’s father, should we see him someday. This is a terrific show.

What are you loving or hating this season? Any new favourites? Shows you’ve come back to that you wish you hadn’t?

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Go On: A New Matthew Perry Series I Can Get Behind

I’ve always been a fan of Matthew Perry. From his early days as a messed up guy on Beverly Hills 90210 to the obvious favourite  – Chandler Bing (aka Miss Chanandler Bong) on Friends, I was even one of the few who actually really loved Aaron Sorkin’s short-lived Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and was sad when it was canceled.

I’ve been hoping for a long time that Perry could find a new long-term role, a new show all his own. I watched the first episode of Mr. Sunshine he tried to make last year, but didn’t like it and it didn’t last long before being canceled.  But after what I hear was a very well done stint on the Good Wife, he’s back with a new pilot called Go On, which aired as a special NBC preview last night after the Olympics. A little late, airing at 11pm last night I finally got a chance to watch it tonight. I hadn’t seen any promos and read very little about the show, except that it was supposed to be about dealing with grief, so I really had no idea whether I would like it or not – but I actually really did.

Matthew Perry stars as Ryan King, a sports radio broadcaster dealing with the recent loss of his wife in a tragic accident. After being told to attend mandatory counseling by his employers (a well cast John Cho), Ryan joins a transitions support group and more or less rolls his eyes at everyone. As the reluctant joiner, he is quick to judge and make a joke, believing he doesn’t really belong there. Of course, we all know that’s not true.

What I liked about this show was its ability to be funny, but sad at the same time. The members of the support group are particularly intriguing, like Julie White (Grace Under Fire) has anger issues; the group’s leader has no real credentials, and another really weird guy whose deal I haven’t yet figured out quite yet. But what really sold it for me was the developing relationship between Perry’s character, Ryan and timid group member Owen (Tyler James Williams from Everybody Hates Chris). I was particularly struck by his story and his quiet way, and I laughed when they ran after the Google car together dressed up in stolen LARP (Live Action Role Play) gear.

This show seems to find a balance between humour and an earnest way, which are two things I loved most about Chandler and Matt Albie, it’s where Perry really thrives. I think the fact that the support group leader has no expertise and that Perry’s wife died from texting while driving, were strange choices, but there’s unlimited potential where this series could go and I will be watching to see what happens.

Maybe it’s because I’ve experienced loss myself that this show seemed to resonate, maybe I just like people being brought together in a comical way – but Go On was a pleasant surprise and I really hope that viewers get behind it this fall so it can go on (pun intended).

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Gary Marshall Has Love Actually Envy

Director Gary Marshall has made some great movies over the years (i.e. Pretty Woman – come on, it’s a classic). But I can’t understand why he keeps trying to make these terrible ensemble movies: Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve and now to a different extent – The Big Wedding. Generally speaking I’m a fan of an ensemble cast – celebrities aplenty, never knowing who will make a cameo or who will pop up next as a potential costar. But these types of films are only as good as their story, their plot, and their heart. Having seen Valentine’s Day, and New Year’s Eve (two of the worst holidays) were missing all three.

These movies seem to be trying to recreate the strength and heart of one of my favourite ensemble and holiday movies: Love Actually. I remember going to the theatre with friends when it came out in 2003, there was nothing quite like it. Such strong performances, tales of celebrated and wildly excited love, silent heartbreak and pain – issues that pulled you and made you feel invested. My heart broke for Laura Linney’s complex family situation and Emma Thompson’s devastating revelation. These painful, cutting scenes played just as sincere and true as the happier ones. I cheered for Hugh Grant’s Prime Minister as he one-upped creepy US President Billy Bob Thorton and I reveled in the joy of Kiera Knightley’s wedding – particularly when the band started to play. Liam Neeson and his little step son waxing philosophical on the validity of true love was touching and truly special. Love Actually really has something. I’ve watched it many times and it still has the ability to make me laugh and tear up at the same time.

Love Actually is a beloved film, (especially among women) and it stands to reason that Gary Marshall would want to recreate the magic – except he hasn’t. Valentine’s Day had some small, cute moments, but the stories did not feel genuine, the characters didn’t connect with the audience. As much as I wanted to buy Julia Roberts as a US solider coming home to see her son for just 24 hours – it just wasn’t believable. She was too polished, too perfect (as she often is) and it just didn’t compute. Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner as a high school couple in love were very annoying, all the time and the list goes on. But Valentine’s Day I’d watch ten times over, before watching New Year’s Eve ever again.

Only earning a mere 7% on Rotten Tomatoes, New Year’s Eve seemed to throw as many celebrities into one movie as possible – at the expense of the story. People falling in love in what felt like five minutes, Bon Jovi unconvincingly trying to win back Katherine Heigl (who was even more unconvincing as a professional chef). Hilary Swank as a wide eyed idealist in charge of the Times Square balling dropping – there’s something about her face I’d just like to punch.

In fact the best thing to come out of New Year’s Eve was the parodies. Saturday Night Live did a particularly great one, which I can’t find a link to because I live in Canada. However! 30 Rock also brought the hilarity as usual: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0ZDMZmcom0

So now it looks like The Big Wedding is the newest Gary Marshall movie that’s sure to bomb. Allow me to break it down for you. A long-divorced couple: Robert DeNiro and Diane Keaton must pretend they are still married for their adopted son’s Alejandro’s wedding. Why? Because his birth mother is coming from Columbia for the wedding and believes divorce is a sin. You know that old story…right? Talk about your ridiculous plot lines, what year is this? Not to mention that Robert DeNiro’s character now lives with a fun loving Susan Sarandon who, angered by the current situation, looks to stir the pot. Alejandro is marrying Amanda Seyfried, Robin Williams plays a priest, again. Katherine Heigl and Topher Grace co-star as Keaton and DeNiro’s other children. Hilarity ensues, I’m sure. See it for yourself below and ask yourself – why?


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The Dark Knight Rises: A Perfect Ending

I can’t remember the last time I waited for a movie with such anticipation as I did the Dark Knight Rises. Sure, I remember waiting anxiously for the Dark Knight when it came out four years ago, but something about the final movie in a trilogy that’s been done so brilliantly, really had my interest to piqued (to say the least).

There were so many aspects I worried about: its set eight years in the future? Anne Hathaway is Catwoman? How will anyone understand Tom Hardy in that Bane mask? After having seen the film twice on its opening weekend, I see now there was no reason to worry – with Christopher Nolan there almost never is. The movie was brilliant – dark complex, and enthralling. Look out for a few familiar faces too. Never before has a trilogy seemed so circular and complete to me.

Everyone is at their best.

Christian Bale is as emotionally and physically tormented Batman as he’s ever been before. His desperation to save his city only drives him further. As John Blake, Joseph Gordon Levitt brings a new, young cop’s perspective on Gotham’s dire situation wrapped in a determined, tough and likable character. But Anne Hathaway deserves serious recognition for this film. Never before has Selina Kyle been exciting and more interesting. She is morally ambiguous – continually straddling the lines between right and wrong, never quite sure where she falls. Anne Hathaway’s ability to change Selina’s body language and attitude on a dime prove true to her conning ways. While she also deserves credit for the physicality of the role (and that suit!) it’s the emotional, inner torment that makes her such a strong, complex and relatable character. Tom Hardy’s Bane is a much more reserved villain compared to Heath Ledger’s Joker.  But despite their differences in attitude and personality, they are equally cunning and delightful villains. Tom Hardy is excellent as Bane. Not only was his physical appearance remarkable (his arms are HUGE) but he conveys so much through his only means of facial expression -his eyes. It really is a testament to Hardy as an actor that he was able to do so much with a character we so little facial expression from.

Without giving away plot or story, I will simply say that you must go and see this movie. I even offer to babysit your kids so you can go – you won’t be sorry. I know I’ll see Dark Knight Rises again for a third time at least – before it leaves theatres, and I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw a movie in theatres that many times. Some people may have issues with the ending, but I didn’t – I thought it was strong, well done and quite a fitting end to Christopher Nolan’s outstanding trilogy.

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