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My Fall Mid-Season Report Card

Now that we’re well into the Fall television season, I’ve been thinking about my shows both old and new – what I’m loving about them and what I hate. Mid way through the season it seems as good a time as any to comment on how they are doing – from this opinionated person’s perspective anyway.

Old (aka Returning)

Once Upon A Time – This show has its ups and downs. I was glad they didn’t drag out the curse and no one knowing anything/thinking Henry’s crazy for too long, because it became frustrating to watch at times. I wasn’t sure what direction they were going in giving people their memories back but only inside the town limits and I’m pretty annoyed by Emma for the most part this season. But, I’m loving Rumplestilskin and his story as always, last night’s episode with Captain Hook and the alliance between him and Regina’s evil mother Cora really intrigued me. This is one new character casting I can get behind. I haven’t been that thrilled with some of the others like, Mulan and I hear they want to do a spin on the Little Mermaid (really?) – but you have to take the good with the bad with this show.

Glee – I’m very close to quitting this show, though I feel it’s been that way for a long time.  keep holding on to the naïve hope that eventually this show will return to the honest, vulnerable place it held for the underdogs in season one. But honestly, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. With Rachel in New York my interest has been slightly renewed but I could care less about what’s happening in McKinley. I also keep hoping that Ryan Murphy etc are going to finally give Brittany have a brain and some legitimate thoughts/opinions but that doesn’t seem to be happening either. At first, I thought her comments were witty and fun like everyone else. But you have to admit in season four, it’s getting old. Time to try a new tact and stop making her do ridiculous things like create her own language and writing with crayons, it just comes off as ridiculous. I’m not sure why I watch anymore, maybe to see all of the random guest stars traipse around and pretend to sing? Ohh and for brief glimpses of Jesse St. James.

New Girl – We haven’t seen that many episodes so far but I just love this show. I love Jess and I love all the guys, they all bring something unique to the cast (especially Schmidt). The only real criticism would be how the writer’s handle Winston’s character. It feels like he’s left in the background a lot of the time, and his story is by far the least detailed or invested. I’m not even sure what’s happening with his relationship with Shelby, that last season they were both into and now it seems like she could care less about him. Also, his sudden job change at the radio station, when it felt like he was just starting to get his footing as an assistant. Although I admit it will be pretty interesting to watch a guy who is scared of the dark work night shift. I guess what I’m saying is, his story could benefit from a little more consistency. Also, Schmidt can do no wrong. Whatever he’s saying, whatever he’s doing no matter how ridiculous or stupid, I love it. Max Greenfield (formerly of Ugly Betty) commits to Schmidt and it works.

How I Met Your Mother – This show just makes me mad. I remember season one, how much I loved it – how I couldn’t wait to watch the story unfold of how things came to be with Ted and Lily and Marshall’s initial relationship struggles, real-ish people with real-ish problems. Now, eight years (give or take) later – we still don’t have any ‘mother’ answers (and I’m beginning to wonder if we ever will). And the show just keeps getting seasons added on so all we get to watch is filler (and maybe one touching episode or so  a season). These characters have become parodies of what they once were and I consider that a disservice to the show and the actors. They’ve let it go far too long and I don’t even take joy in watching anymore, I watch because I just want to know how the story ends (if ever). But I’ll tell you one thing, if it gets renews for a season 9 – I will not watch. I’m sure I’ll be one of the only ones, but I can take it anymore!

The New Guys

Go On – I don’t love this show as much as I was at the onset. I still enjoy it but it’s a little more ridiculous than it is funny, the characters of the therapy group need a basis a little more in reality rather than the whimsy. It needs to build on the touching,  heartfelt moments of the pilot: running after the Google car, Fausta winning the fake crown and keeping it at home, etc. – I know they are trying to get back to this place but sometimes I think the focus is too much on Ryan and not enough on the other characters. Plus, they are making Ryan too out there and larger than life, frankly at times I find it hard to believe his wife ever put up with him before she passed. I’m not ready to give up, but it certainly needs more heart.

Partners – I’ve been a fan of Michael Urie since the days of Ugly Betty (seriously that show had awesome casting) and a solid previous affection for the rest of the cast. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this best friend sit com, but I really do. Urie’s actions as Louis are a little over the top, but still based in reality and from a place of love. The jokes are straight up funny, I’ve laughed out loud – and can be dirty without being too crass. The show is light and fun, but you still care about the characters.

Elementary – This is probably my favourite new show of the season. Johnny Lee Miller commits to his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the same manner I would attribute to Hugh Laurie in House (although much more endearing). What I mean is, I don’t think of Johnny Lee Miller as acting like Holmes, I think of him AS Holmes. The cases have been complex, intricate and interesting so far – last week’s especially with the Balloon Man case. Did anyone else think we’ll see young Adam again one day? Even Lucy Liu’s level headed Watson as the polar opposite of Miller’s Holmes serves the show well. I look forward to delving more into the complicated personal lives of Holmes especially, but Watson as well. I’ll also be intrigued to see who is cast as Sherlock’s father, should we see him someday. This is a terrific show.

What are you loving or hating this season? Any new favourites? Shows you’ve come back to that you wish you hadn’t?

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